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BCA Album for Storytelling After Dark JAN 18

BCA Album for Storytelling After Dark JAN 18

Record here and then, if we choose your story you may be able to listen to a sample below...…


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Who do we think we are? Who do THEY think we are?

I posted this at the storyteller's listserv - a question From Slash Colman's blog:

"Oftentimes, others can pinpoint the theme of your work much easier than you can. This week, I suggest you interview others to begin to narrow your brand. What are you trying to say with your artwork? You may not know. So, this week, bite the bullet and ask 3-5 friends what they think the underlying theme is… Continue

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from Tony Toledo "Here are ten books I love....What are ten books you love?"

Sheeesh - I wish Tony would publish this stuff his own bad self - until he does?His writing is too good to be confined to a listserv only, so I will pass it along...

Here are ten books I love. What are ten books you love?

by Tony Toledo.

1. A Gentle Madness: Bibliophiles, Bibliomanes and the Eternal Passion for Books by Nicholas Basbanes. HC 1995. 1st/3rd with the front end page ripped out. (How cruel some people can be.)… Continue

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Brother Blue’s story lives on for many

Brother Blue’s story lives on for many

Mourners honor famed storyteller

By Brian MacQuarrie Boston Globe November 9, 2009

CAMBRIDGE - On a beautiful, color-dappled afternoon, an upbeat stream of artists, dancers, puppeteers, and storytellers walked into a North Cambridge funeral home to pay their respects to the man who lay inside. The deceased wore a blue beret, sported a multicolored jacket, and rested in a coffin draped with a dazzling covering featuring a sparkling blue… Continue

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How to Get 100 People to a Show: Slashtipher Coleman's blog Twenty One Hours

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Artists and Facebook: Send an Effective Invitation

".... I get tired of seeing lumpy artists lumping around at their poorly attended events because they didn't take the time to do the things I suggest. "But I sent out a press release," they say. "And I sent out facebook invites," they say. " click on link below to go to his blog directly - great read !…


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More on Cooking up a Story...

More on Cooking up a Story...



Andrea and I spend a lot of time helping students find rich details to add to their writing. Over and over we emphasize how the five sense can be used to draw the reader or listener into the world and experience of the writer or storyteller. Rarely does it happen that a young elementary student has too much detail. But it does occur in upper grades and in the story world too. In these cases an exercise… Continue

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“storyteller who writes,” at RIC Diversity Week

Author Norah Dooley listens as ESL Teacher Jackie Sisun discusses how she uses 'Everybody Bakes Bread' in the classroom.

On Oct. 9, four MEd in TESL (teaching English as a second language) cooperating teachers attended a private book signing and discussion with Norah Dooley, famed New England author of “Everybody Bakes Bread” and “Everybody Cooks Rice.” The four were from the Pawtucket School District.

Karen Hammarstram, ESL… Continue

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Design, Disruptive innovation, Entrepreneurship

Great post - found on twitter

Getting Started with Disruptive Business Design

10:20 AM Monday October 19, 2009

Tags:Design, Disruptive innovation, Entrepreneurship

Oliver Yeh, a first-year Mechanical Engineering student at MIT, just successfully designed, launched and retrieved a camera 17.5 miles into the atmosphere… Continue

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Thanks to the Great State of Maine! Seanachie Nights! from Mary Read...

Thanks all who came out to Bull Feeny's to hear my stories from the life and times of Mary Read. What a fabulous audience you were and special thanks to Lynne Cullen for the venue, invite and hospitality.

Them mooses is great.

her mark (Mary Read)

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Flames to the Moth

...writing as I ride out of "....NY,NY the city that never shuts up..."- ani diFranco

Imagine 400 people in Boston lining up to hear stories - people of all ages but predominantly people 30 and under. Imagine nearly 300 souls crushed into a dark club paying $7 bucks to get in and buying 2 mandatory drinks just so they could hear 10 people tell stories (mostly) connected the evening's theme of " coincidence". Well, dream on. Meanwhile, in NY,NY this scene is happening once a… Continue

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Article in Cambridge TAB about first f2f and mouthoff

Article in Cambridge Tab with some fine pics too.Thanks to Caitlin Gallagher and Mark Thompson.

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Sound files - a podcast here! Click on highlighted link to listen...


so I am just trying this out with an old podcast from April of 2007, featuring a story from a live performance at Passim's and an editorial too. - this is so cool. We will be starting a massmouth podcast featuring stories and ideas from mouths of mass, and more! soon....



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the f2f and some pr materials

Hey there - I have designed a business card

(Michael A's had idea to hand out cards after we perform any where)

and a small square flyer (attached)massmouth poster.pdf

I am looking for feed back - on the words especially -

as a designer I am ruthless - plunder text to make things look interesting-

as a typist I am a disaster. Typos, wrds missig, dyslecic seplling… Continue

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Grand Prize for South Shore Grand Slam Story Slam generously donated by Nicolette Heavey and Stories In The Streets (A Maine Get Away)

Stories in the Streets in an outreach literacy program that focuses on families in at-risk areas and fosters community engagement in storytelling by: 1) Creating opportunities for public storytelling wherever families gather — a farmer’s market, laundromat, or food line; and, 2) Offering storytelling workshops that raise family engagement in literacy, cultural awareness and community understanding.  The program is currently active in Lawrence, Brockton and Randolph.


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Grand Slam Story Slam Fuller Craft Museum May 7th

The South Shore story Slams presents The GRAND SLAM STORY SLAM MAY 5TH @The Company Theater 6:30PM the winners of Doyles and SS Story Slam Season compete for Maine Getaway valued at  $1,000. Get your tickets before they are gone $25.00 in advance $20.00 members at door $30.00 non members 



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